Working Closely with Trusted Suppliers to Benefit Our Customers Working Closely with Trusted Suppliers to Benefit Our Customers #%SPLIT%#

TWS maintains strategic partnerships in the supply chain management (SCM) arena with world-renowned raw material and cell suppliers globally. In this win-win partnership, suppliers engage and cooperate fully with TWS to give supply flexibility and technology visibility. TWS co-develops new materials with technology partners to achieve the highest safety and functional performance in the industry as well as cost optimization.

In less critical sourcing areas, such as packaging and outsourcing services, TWS has opted for local southern China suppliers. With this approach, TWS can meet customers’ orders on short notice and maintain high production output with excellent quality and standards.

Advanced real-time systems enable TWS to interact closely with suppliers online and to monitor the status and availability of components at every moment. The philosophy of TWS is to focus on what it does best and form strategic partnerships to provide the best total solutions to customers.
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