Working in a Culture of Cooperation and Mutual Trust Working in a Culture of Cooperation and Mutual Trust #%SPLIT%#

Corporate culture at TWS is built on mutual respect, equality, cooperation, and trust, reflecting a corporate philosophy that emphasizes taking pride and enjoyment in one's life and work.

TWS strives to create a values-based corporate culture.

TWS respects the unique contributions of all its employees and it gives back in return.

TWS does not allow discrimination, child labor, restrictions on the organization of unions, or the failure to pay wages and benefits in accordance with the law.

TWS advocates the core values of team spirit, honesty, openness, and continued learning.

TWS offers its employees an exciting and inspiring working environment. The TWS team never stops learning, emphasizes innovation and creative thinking, and employees are affirmed and rewarded for their work. TWS encourages all employees to work together to create benefits for themselves, which can also be shared with their community and country.

TWS employees are represented by labor unions and these unions also actively promote a healthy work-life balance by organizing recreational activities like annual parties, annual trips, medical examinations, a quarterly company newsletter, monthly birthday parties, and weekly basketball and other sports activities.

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